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Keeping your children fit, active and healthy is always on a parent’s agenda – especially with all the modern influences of computer games, television, and sedentary pastimes. To combat this, the Castle Country Club in Rowton has launched the ‘FitZone for Kids’ – a brand new gym with dedicated times every day for children.


"With sessions exclusively for children, we are able to focus on their wellbeing and fitness"


claims Fitness Manager Dan Sanders


"They have their own fitness program cards, just as the adults have in the main gym, and are supervised very closely as they use the multi-station FitZone."

Free personal training for all members

Shropshire’s most friendly and affordable health & fitness club

Call us on 01743 884778 to arrange your free tour or just pop in!

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Tel:  01743 884778

Opening Times:  Mon-Fri 06.00-22.00   Sat 08.00-19.00   Sun 08.00-20.00

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