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Beauty Salon

Koalas Beauty Salon

The beauty salon in Shrewsbury is located at the Castle Country Club within the grounds of Rowton Castle.


This enables us to offer our extensive free parking within a picturesque backdrop!


Treatments that work in conjunction with your skin

Koalas Beauty Salon offer a unique, exclusive, personal skin care regime from Switzerland - without aggressive chemical agents and paraben preservatives.


A natural solution to your beauty needs

The make-up used at Koalas Beauty Salon is sourced from the Fresh Mineral Company USA - 100% pure mineral - of which we stock a full range.


Come to our monthly clinic

The beauty salon runs a successful aesthetic clinic once a month in partnership with ''Rosmetics'' - to restore, enhance and maintain beautiful looks - visit their website for further information.


We offer all this and more - wrapped with a friendly atmosphere and always a warm welcome.


Pamper yourself in luxurious surroundings

Shropshire’s most friendly and affordable health & fitness club

Call us on 01743 884778 to arrange your free tour or just pop in!

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Tel:  01743 884778

Opening Times:  Mon-Fri 06.00-22.00   Sat 08.00-19.00   Sun 08.00-20.00

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