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Adult Gym

A well equipped friendly gym with instructors on hand to devise, demonstrate and monitor your FREE personal fitness  programs.


Split into four principal sections enables members to quickly learn to use and get the best from the different machines.


The Cardio Zone has StarTrac treadmills, X trainers, bikes, spinners, rotating stairs plus the latest Concept 2 rowers.

The Strength Zone consists of a Max Rack machine, a weights cage and many free weights and lifting bars.

The Resistance Zone is fitted with the very latest StarTrac machines offering a fantastic choice of exercises.

The gym is finished off with a Stretch Zone with a variety of ab rollers, exercise balls and a matted area.

As part of their membership all members receive an induction and a program specific to their goals. This program can be updated every 4-6 weeks or sooner if members prefer.


FREE Personal Trainer

Where appropriate and on request some members may wish to enrol into the structured program with more regular one to one meetings with their instructor – almost like your own personal trainer but free with your membership! Enquire with the gym staff if you are interested.

Personalised fitness instruction and relaxed environment

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Cardio Zone

Strength Zone

Resistance Zone

Stretch Zone

Shropshire’s most friendly and affordable health & fitness club

Call us on 01743 884778 to arrange your free tour or just pop in!

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Tel:  01743 884778

Opening Times:  Mon-Fri 06.00-22.00   Sat 08.00-19.00   Sun 08.00-20.00

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